Irrigation Maintenance Services

In order to keep your system at its peak performance, and possibly avoid high water bills caused from undetected leaks, it is best to have a seasoned professional routinely go over your system from top to bottom.

We offer service agreements which provide the following pre-paid services for a one year period, with system checks to be made either Bi-weekly, Monthly, Quarterly or Semi-annually. In addition to the following service, all contracts include a spring and fall checkup which will prepare your system for the summer and winter season ahead.

  • Check for proper valve function
  • Clean filters
  • Check for proper water coverage and distribution
  • Make adjustments and changes as needed
  • Program irrigation controller for the appropriate season
  • Priority scheduling for repair work as needed and there will be no Basic Service Charge assessed on these calls
  • Priority scheduling for new projects and there will be a 10% discount applied towards the whole project

* Upon your prior approval, any repairs to your system, materials used and applicable sales tax will be billed separately.

** Time for repairs will be billed in quarter hour increments.

*** This contract does not cover extra service calls made throughout the term of this contract, unless damage is covered under warranty.

For further information and/or pricing please contact SeanĀ at 317-443-2562 or contact us for details.